Wooly Bolas Pillow

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A wooly bolas pillow features small balls of wool, rather than the 'sheeted' form of wool usually used in textiles, and even ordinary wool pillows. This ball variety of wool has several advantages over the more refined, or carded wool.

The first major advantage of a wooly bolas pillow is that it is ultimately customizable in a way that nearly no other pillow is. Bolas can be added or removed from the pillow to adjust the firmness levels of the pillow. If you want your pillow to be firmer, just add more bolas and voila, you're set. Want a more giving pillow? Simply take out some of the bolas, and the remaining pieces will expand, making the pillow more relaxed.

In the same vein as customizability, a wooly bolas pillow stands up to the rigors of time and use better than other stuffing. All stuffing, regardless of construction, will compact slightly over time. With a traditional pillow you simply end up with a less and less springy pillow as the years go by. However, with wooly bolas, you can add additional bolas as the existing bolas compresses, keeping the same level of resiliency for years on end.

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