Massage Pillows

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While getting a massage any where is a treat, getting a massage on a designated, professional massage pillow will help you get the very best treatment possible. There are a wide variety of pillows that a masseuse can look into in order to make sure that they are providing well rounded and thorough treatment to their clients.

One of the most popular types of pillows for massaging is the flat microbead pillow. This particular model has been especially effective at helping people work out kinks and knots in their patients because this pillow's design naturally lends itself to the full support of their body. But it does this in just a way that holds the body and forms a contouring effect by depressing just enough under the higher pressure zones of the body but still maintaining form. This helps take pressure off of certain points of the body which helps those muscle areas relax. Because of this muscle relaxation that these microbead stuffed pillows encourage, the masseuse is then able to work the patient's muscles better since they are no longer rigid and stiff.

For your convenience, you can look through several different models of these massage pillows. This will allow you to find the perfect match for your particular style of massage sessions, including the ability to find full length and half body models. You can also look for those that are solely intended for the neck, elevating it in a manner that allows you to both pinpoint and isolate vital muscles that need to be massaged out.

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